There are many pest control services that can be used to help you get rid of pesky insects around your home, office, or business. Pest Control consists of professional services that can be offered by a local company to help solve a pest problem. Services can vary according to the size of the company, as well as the expertise each of their technicians and exterminators has. You can also use pest control services even if you feel that you are not experiencing a significant pest problem because they offer preventative services as well as emergency services. Here are several pest control services that most companies offer:

Residential pest control services: The best pest control services in California provide pest extermination services for residential customers. Service Duration Options: 1 year or up. Silver Pest Control Service Plan customers receive all the advantages of the Silver Pest Control Service Plan, with the benefit of free annual termite inspections, savings on specialty services, and pest prevention discounts if an existing infestation is detected. If your home or business is inspected by a certified pest control services, you can reduce your homeowner insurance rates or get a tax break. Be sure to choose a pest control provider with specialized training to recognize the signs of an infestation so that treatment can be effective.

Commercial pest control services: Most commercial pest control services offer treatment for medium to large sized commercial businesses. These businesses can be a mix of residential and commercial clients. Treatment can range from regular monthly treatments to periodic monitoring to prevent infestations. The pest control services know how to recognize the signs of an infestation and can treat the problem promptly before it gets out of control.

Businesses can be further categorized into residential and commercial. Residential companies may only need pest control services during their normal operating hours. Commercial businesses may have extended hours or require the pest control services on a weekly basis. These companies also tend to specialize in a certain type of business such as landscaping, food preparation, carpet cleaning or electronic manufacturing.

Types of pests treated include rodents, insects, fungus, mites, and spiders. Rodents such as rats and mice are often controlled by regular tick and flea control. However, sometimes these animals can become habituated to the poisons and start coming back. For this reason, it is important to call pest control services at least a few times a year to check for new rats and mice or to check for infestations. For insects, termites and spiders are the most common pests. People sometimes confuse these pests with bed bugs but they are actually quite different.

When calling pest control services, it is important to mention the type of infestation so that the right solution can be recommended. For example, if there are termites, one might call pest control services to treat the soil in the house to get rid of these termites. On the other hand, roaches are more difficult to eliminate because of their numbers. Therefore, one would have to call pest control services for an effective and permanent solution.

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