Why are 3D pictures so amazing? You may ask. It’s the same reason why your ordinary pictures can look so boring. You can take an ordinary picture and turn it into a work of art with just a little effort on your side. It’s possible and it’s actually very easy.

In order to take 3d pictures you need two pictures. The first one is an ordinary picture (not a 3d photograph yet) and the second one is a photo with a flat background (as in a cardboard box). You can take your two pictures at different angles and then combine them using some computer software program. How to do that? just read this article and you’ll know in the end.

After you’ve taken your two pictures, you can now put them together and take a look at what you’ve done. You should notice that the two pictures are exactly of the same size (not too big and not too small). What’s more important is that both pictures look as if they were taken from two different angles. To make things better you can place the large picture on the top and the small one on the bottom of your photo album.

Now here comes the magic part. You take the two snaps and put them on top of each other. Then put a frame around the picture on the top and the picture on the bottom. Make sure the picture on the top has a flat backdrop while the one on the bottom has a little bit of a shallow depth. It looks like a circle, so that’s how you need to draw the frame. When you’re done with drawing the frame just flip the two pictures over and you have yourself a three inches thick picture frame.

Now this is the fun part. You have to put your photo inside the frame. The best way to do this is by cropping the picture on top and then placing it on the small ring. If you don’t like this idea, you can also try placing the other two pictures on the rings instead and just cropping the middle picture. This will give you the four inches that your picture needs.

After that you just stick your picture into the frame, press the back and then immediately start rotating it. Rotating your picture in this way will allow it to stand out from the other two snaps. If you have a very clear background to your photo than it will stand out much better. You don’t want a background that is muddy because your 3d picture will easily be mistaken for an amateur shot. With enough practice and patience you’ll eventually learn how to do this with ease.

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